Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!!


Merry Chrismas… I mean Christmas!! Happy New Year!!


I have a treat for you guys coming up, I am having some more friends write about their trip to Thailand, BUT I will write about Christmas and what went down here.



Basically, Christmas was a blast! We had a ceremony at both of my schools, which sadly I only participated in one. We had Santa come, lots of music/dancing and even presents!


DSC05722 DSC05731 DSC05732


The days after Christmas was Sports Day at my close school and I was on the blue team! All of the students participated in TONS of sports for their color (pink, orange, blue and green). Unfortunately, I found out that pink was the winner overall. Womp womppppp. But it was a blast seeing all of the teachers and students come together! Here are some fun pics…

IMG_7928 IMG_7924 IMG_7904


IMG_7892 IMG_7854 IMG_7822 IMG_7816 IMG_7813

After Sports Day, I headed off to spend NYE with some of my best friends and one of their families. It was BLAST. I am letting them write the blog report, but here are some sneak peeks of the photos.

16825_10102675360353280_1783697529_n 207642_4065238679821_904470195_n 227742_4048652505177_277467819_n 524735_10102681317734640_1243185153_n 550789_10102675276536250_199652684_n 551006_4041748892591_1416530753_n 734804_10101599954041079_848679974_n

Only 6 more weeks!! AHHH miss you all!!






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